Care Home Cleaning Products

Our care home cleaning product range is carefully selected to ensure care facilities maintain a clean and hygienic environment. We have a wide range of top quality products to meet the care homes unique needs. Our product range consists of cleaning chemicals for use communal areas, washrooms, bedrooms and kitchens as well as paper hygiene products and cleaning equipment.

Key Features of Our Care Home Cleaning Products:

  1. Specialised Formulations: Our range of cleaning chemical products address the specific cleaning requirements of care homes. We have a range of gentle cleaners and strong disinfectants to suit your care home needs.
  2. Cleaning Regulations: We focus on keeping residents and staff safe by providing cleaning products that meet strict safety standards and regulations. We use cleaning chemicals from the UKs top chemical manufacturers, such as Selden and SC Johnson, to give you confidence in the quality of our products. The manufacturers thoroughly test their products to ensure they work well and are safe for you to use, to give you peace of mind when cleaning your care home.
  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness: All of our cleaning products are designed to work efficiently and effectively, making cleaning tasks easier for your staff. With quick-drying formulas and powerful cleaning agents, our products help streamline workflows and optimize cleaning routines.
  4. Versatility and Convenience: From paper hygiene to multi-surface cleaners, our product range offers versatility and convenience to meet the diverse cleaning needs of care facilities. We have the right products for cleaning resident rooms, common areas, and dining facilities.
  5. Infection Control Solutions: We offer a range of infection control solutions to help prevent the spread of germs and pathogens within care homes. Our products, like hand sanitisers and surface disinfectants, are important for keeping things clean and protecting people's health.


Benefits of Choosing Care Home Cleaning Products from Duckworth:

  • Make living spaces clean and comfortable to improve resident comfort. This will promote well-being and dignity. Also increasing the quality of life and sense of security for residents.
  • Reduce health risks by using high-quality products that kill germs and bacteria. This will lower the chances of infections and illnesses.
  • Help your cleaning staff work better with products that are simple, efficient, and effective. This will help them do their job confidently and professionally, while also saving time and energy.
  • Follow rules and guidelines for keeping care homes clean and safe to protect residents and staff from harm and legal issues.
  • Trust our expertise in care home cleaning products and equipment for peace of mind. Our products prioritise safety, efficacy, and reliability, giving you confidence in maintaining high cleanliness and hygiene standards in your facility.

Elevate your care home cleaning routines with our premium-quality products. Browse our selection today and discover the difference that cleanliness and hygiene can make in enhancing the lives of residents and the overall atmosphere of your care facility.

Why Choose Duckworth Group for your Care Home Cleaning Products?

Our honest pricing policy and customer focussed approach sets us apart from our competitors. We operate on a first price, right price policy, offering competitive prices across our entire product range for the care sector. We are proud to say that our fair and honest pricing policy often significantly undercuts our competitors!  The price you see online is the product RRP, we offer special pricing to trade account customers who spend £500+ per month with us.  Why not apply for a trade account today to access special prices and see how much money you can save with us!?

In addition to this, you can have as much support as you need with your Duckworth account. In addition to an experienced customer service team, we offer a dedicated customer account manager for you to call on should you want to discuss the best cleaning products for your care home.  If you would like to speak to someone about your care home requirements, contact us today!

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